City Connection UFO on NES

Hello everyone. This is the first post of the new brainer drainer blog. Pretty much I will be making random post’s on this blog from time to time about old Nintendo games as well as some pinball stuff too. I hope you enjoy what is to come.

For the first post I want to briefly talk about an unidentified flying object in the City Connection game. I have been playing this game for a good chunk of time lately. After maybe about 10 games or so I noticed a UFO looking object flew across the top of the screen in the NY level and then was gone.


I didn’t see it again for another few days. Maybe a week later I was playing city connection again and I noticed the UFO fly across the screen again. Of course I was too slow and couldn’t catch the UFO again. I did a little research online to see if I could find out what the UFO was all about but I had no luck. After a couple weeks of playing I finally realized that the UFO only comes out in the 1st level when the song starts to end then repeat itself and only if you have between 27,000 to 31,000. After a while I finally got the UFO and all it was was just am extra life. I expected to warp to a far away land. But no, just another life. I hope this info helps someone out there.


6 responses to “City Connection UFO on NES

  1. Derek Heinbokel

    Cool website so far man, Brainer Drainer… sweet name haha. Lookin forward to seein more

  2. 太感谢了!我想知道这个是什么已经快20年了!这对我很有帮助!
    (Thank you so much! I ‘ve been wondering what it is for nearly 20 years! It’s so helpfull to me!)

  3. I was in the exactly same situation as 文僉. That UFO always bugged me since my childhood. I found your blog by accident, that’s amazing.

  4. Same here. I’ve been wondering for over 25 years what the heck that UFO was. Nobody would ever believe me! I even called the people who made the game but they acted like they didn’t know what 10-year-old me was talking about.

  5. You are awesome for posting this! Thanks so much!

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