Crap, then and now

Remember 20 years ago when you couldn’t always tell if a game was crap or not judged by the cover? Even the crap games back then seemed to look/be better than the crap games of today. There was something about the games that still even the bad ones looked better than what I see today.

Somehow the lonely game of solitaire was still looking cool back then. Like if I was on a vacation hanging out on the beach of Hawaii having drinks, I’d totally want to play solitaire by my self.


Even in Chessmaster for the nes you had to play against a wizard. That’s about as cool as chess can get I suppose, unless you were to be playing against a big biker with tattoos.


This game made my crap list too…


Now you’ll see what I mean by saying that some of the games of today are more WTF. Even as being a boring or horrible game, they even look worse today….

Deal or no deal. Seriously? I’d rather play a bobby’s world game.

WTF is this?!

About as low as you can get

wait a minute… this one might be as low as you can get

I’m sorry but Pony Friends doesn’t cut it for me. Even if it is crap, 20 years ago I bet it would have looked a lot better. I don’t want to see real photos on my games, I want to see some pixels damnit


Yep… I don’t know what to say here…


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