Pinball Pete’s in Michigan

A little while back when I was visiting my family in Michigan we ended up going to Pinball Pete’s arcade in Ann Arbor Michigan. If you’re ever in Michigan try checking it out. It’s not the best arcade but it’s pretty nice.


They have a pretty good selection of pinball machines and arcade games. Some older some newer. I’m not a fan of DDR but if you are you can play that there as well.


Nice and dark atmosphere but not too dark. Lots of pinball machines and good selection as well. Also they have 2 nice regular sized air hockey tables and 1 huge air hockey table to play doubles on. Good for all ages. Ski ball and billiards are there to be played. Close to food and beer too!

Some of the awesome pinball machines needed some work done and didn’t play properly. Lots of machines turned off due to maintenance. The workers there are a bit rude. They need some older staff there that actually know about the machines instead of beating the shit out of them until it works. They treat their machines like shit.

I know maybe I made it sound not so good but arcades are more rare these days so just keeping that in mind you have to respect it a little more. All in all I’d give Pinball Pete’s a 7 out of 10. If they had more mature workers and less broken pinball machines and leveled all the machines correctly I’d give them a 9.

Here’s a few photos from inside Pinball Pete’s.











4 responses to “Pinball Pete’s in Michigan

  1. Derek Heinbokel

    Pinball Petes, home of the “kick the machine and its fixed” method. Fun place though

  2. Excellent post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

  3. I actually worked here for a couple years while in college and I constantly asked the manager to teach me how to work on the machines. He said it wasn’t worth the time since I was going to leave eventually. I would have loved to properly learn maintenance, since I actually applied there because I’d always enjoyed pinball machines.

    I was actually taught the kick the machine method. I couldn’t believe it.

    • Yeah I understand. I do like the place a lot, just wish the pinball machines were all working. A lot of them were not level correctly either. I wanted to play that guns n roses machine bad! haha

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