Good bye Nintendo Power

After 24 long years Nintendo Power has announced that after December of 2012 there will be no more Nintendo Power magazines being produced. I must admit that I could care less about these new issues, (I only have old consoles) but I can remember being a young lad and getting a subscription to Nintendo Power for my birthday. It was a very exciting moment for me as a youngster. Every time a new issue arrived to my door I’d rip open the plastic and read and re-read through the magazines again. It’s about the only way my mom could get me to read anything. It’s a bummer about Nintendo Power calling it quits, but you know…. 24 years of production aint that bad. Thank you Nintendo Power for doing what you’ve done and spreading the Nintendo love.



2 responses to “Good bye Nintendo Power

  1. best video game mag ever made. period.

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