Nightmare Busters for SNES

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I’ll keep this short and sweet. The fine folks over at Super Fighter Team have a new run and gun game for the Super Nintendo called Nightmare Busters. The first game made for SNES in 14 years. Works on both SNES and Super Famicom and PAL.

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The game appears to be pretty awesome. Seems like a mix between Alice in Wonderland meets Castlevania. The colors and graphics are spot on.

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Play alone or grab a friend to play on the 2 player cooperative mode.

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Nightmare Busters is available for pre order and is expected to be shipped out 2013. $60 will get you a game cartridge with authentic plastic shell and a full color instruction manual that come inside a sturdy full colored box.

For for info about Nightmare Busters check out

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One response to “Nightmare Busters for SNES

  1. this game looks really cool, i wish i could try it out, i dont like paying 60 bucks for a game ive never played

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