too late but still can’t wait

Well their kickstarter page has already funded enough money and is over but I just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to this documentary being made. I ended up supporting them and now I can’t wait to get that DVD in the mail! The King Of Arcades is an arcade documentary in the works right now and should be finished early next year. For more info check out

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2 responses to “too late but still can’t wait

  1. I loved King of Kong. I even thought Chasing Ghosts was good, even though it was kind of depressing to see how some of those guys had fallen off. But I certainly hope this gets made. I can’t impress enough how much classic arcades were a part of my childhood, and how important it is not just to remember them, but honestly, for some people to try and bring them back.

    • Yeah man I really enjoyed King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts as well. Seems like more of these arcade/videogame documentaries are popping up all over and I really enjoy it. I’d love for arcades to make a come back.

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