Review Quick Shot Controller for Sega Genesis

For a while I was having a little trouble with Sega Genesis controllers. For instance some times while playing an adventure game I would press the down button to make the character duck down, but instead because of the D-pad the character would only move left or right, rarely ducking. The character would only duck if I was pressing the down direction exactly in the exact middle of the D-pad. It was very very sensitive. So! Yesterday I received a Quick Shot controller in the mail and gave it a try. I was skeptic at first but I gotta say, all my problems disappeared! The Quick Shot control pad is so awesome! Super accurate and great control. It feels spot on and I’m so glad I found it. The cord is nice too because it’s not so damn thick, easy to roll up.

If you’re also having issues with your Genesis D-pad, try the Quick Shot controller out. They can be found relatively cheap on ebay or amazon.

quick shot genesis controller


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